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Il Ristorante

Booking @019 669264

Whether it’s an intimate tete-a-tete between lovers who want to spend some time together in a magical place or a happy dinner between friends who come to celebrate a special occasion or for the simple joy of being together, or it’s an important business lunch where “everything must be perfect”, “Il Ristorante” of the Yacht Club of Marina di Loano is the place for you.
Located in one of the top ten marine tourist resorts in the world, “Il Ristorante” has an elegant interior and a terrace from which you can admire both the charming sea view and the picturesque panorama of Marina di Loano and the city. This double soul makes it a perfect restaurant both in summer and winter.

All dishes of “Il Ristorante” are made with select ingredients chosen directly by the chefs guaranteeing superior and certified quality.

Our menus are designed to satisfy every type of palate and are within everybody’s reach according to the philosophy that makes Marina di Loano a place “exclusively for everyone”.

The staff of “Il Ristorante” is of the highest standard and is able to respond to every request and every customer’s need.

To complement and enrich the offer of “Il Ristorante” there is the lounge bar of the second panoramic terrace, an ideal place to sip an aperitif before dinner at the Yacht Club restaurant or spend a relaxing moment in good company in a unique context like Marina di Loano.




  • Germania
  • Catamarano vela 42


  • Svizzera
  • Motor yacht 50
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