Il PortoSustainability

Marina di Loano for the environment


MarinaBike is the E-Bike rental service in Marina di Loano that provides sailors and guests of the guesthouse with a fleet of pedal assisted bikes to allow them to move around comfortably while fully respecting the environment. The bikes are in three bike stations located around the marina. The service is active from 08.30 to 18.30 with a maximum use of 4 hours per day on request with the first hour free in the event the bike is returned before the time period expires.

Electric caddies

Every aspect inside the Marina is treated with an eco-friendly perspective and continuous initiatives are being implemented to make the Marina 100% Green. For example, the staff can travel around the Marina using zero impact electric caddies to be able to move around while respecting the environment.


Marina di Loano has obtained their eighth Blue Flag, the prestigious recognition that the Fee (Foundation for Environmental Education founded in 1981) awards the beaches and marinas that meet high standards in terms of respect and management of all environmental issues. Certification which in addition to other awards obtained over the last few years that bears witness to the excellence of the infrastructure and the services provided: RINA MaRINA Excellence 24 Plus certification, “5 Timoni” and “50 Gold” certifications. The International Certification Body officially certified the safety and quality of the tourist and accommodation services of the structure in Loano. Moreover, as part of the individual aspects of the MaRINA Excellence 24 Plus assessment, Marina di Loano was the first in Italy to obtain RINA’s “Green” certification for environmental sustainability.

Charging columns

In the car par there are two charging columns for electric cars that can be used by sailors and all guests of Marina di Loano that are compatible with all types of vehicles and equipped with intelligent interfaces that are able to communicate also with future technological evolutions. They are simple and intuitive devices that allow you to power your E-Car in a safe and quick way to allow you to move around in a green perspective.