Whether its for a work lunch, dinner with friends or a romantic occasion, Marina di Loano has a wide range of bars and restaurants to suit all tastes, to pamper yourself all year round from dawn to dusk.

Breakfast with a sea view

If a good beginning bodes well every day will be fantastic thanks to the bars and restaurants in Marina di Loano that provide delicious dishes from breakfast onwards.

Breakfast with a sea view

Dive into the flavours

Lots of restaurants for all occasions, from a night out with the family to a special dinner with the best dishes from Italian tradition as well as tasty bites from international cuisine.

Dive into the flavours

Dive into the nightlife

Extend the pleasure of an unforgettable day with a tasty cocktail and enjoy Marina di Loano by night.

Dive into the nightlife

​​​​Bar and restaurants​​
Discover where to eat in Marina di Loano

  • Il Ristorante

    Banchina Porto – Molo Centrale
    Tel. +39 351 99 11 686

  • Ristorante all'Acqua Pazza

    Banchina di Ponente
    Tel. +39 019 6766630​

  • La Locanda del Marinaio

    Lungomare M. di Loreto
    Tel. +39 393 66 55 781​

  • Ambasciata Ligure

    Molo Franchville
    Tel. +39 348 470 3223​​

  • O.B.C.

    ​Lungomare Madonna di Loreto, 14
    Tel. +3 9019 207 5876

  • Shardana Wine & Sea

    Banchina di Ponente
    Tel. +39 392 3063650

  • Caffè Gavioli

    Banchina di Ponente
    Tel. +39 019 666038

  • Terrazza Meneghini

    Molo Franchville
    Tel. +39 366 195 22 09​

  • Ristorante La Plancha

    Lungomare Nazario Sauro
    Tel. +39 019 6799247