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Marina service services


  • General mechanics

    On-board hydraulic, electrical and electronic systems. Rig service and maintenance of deck equipment.​

  • Engine repairs

    The mechanical workshop provides an efficient service for all routine and specialised work on main engines and boat generators. An efficient service that can include ordinary maintenance, overhaul or complete replacement of engines. ​

  • Mechanical work

    The mechanical workshop also deals with setting up hydraulic and air conditioning systems for boats. In addition to the maintenance of on-board systems and deck equipment, the workshop also carries out work on hull mechanics and systems: shaft lines, rudders, propellers, bow thrusters and stabilizers.​

  • Metal carpentry

    The shipyard provides a specialised carpentry service for work on stainless steel and alloys. Not just work on repairing and maintaining deck equipment but also light alloy machining for engine rooms, bilges and cabins. Metal carpentry can also be used to modify and extend the hull and the superstructures of yachts and boats.​

  • Painting service

    Polishing of enamelled surfaces, grouting, painting topsides, superstructures and tanks: work that internal teams of painters carry out daily inside the workshop that has a spray booth and is equipped for fine tuning vessels of up to 30 metres. Boats up to 54 metres can be painted on dry land with a PVC cover and suitable heating and extraction systems.​

  • Electrical repairs

    The electrical workshop carries out all types of plant engineering work on boats: alarm systems, emergency systems, electric power machinery as well as supplying and repairing on-board equipment.​

  • Carpentry work

    There is an area of 110 sqm entirely dedicated to the interior and exterior fittings of boats, yachts and ships used for totally refurbishing or repairing wooden structures such as the bridges and masts of moored boats.​